• The biggest coffee cup manufacturer in India

  • The largest manufacturer of Embossed Bio cups & Triple wall ripple cups in the world and the only one in India

  • ISO 22000:2005, FSSC:22000, Sedex , Intertek audited , BRC certified company

  • The biggest exporter of cups from India

    Almost 80% of cups exported from India are produced by Leetha

  • Singificantly low lead time

    Unlike the Chinese factories, Leetha's shop floor is 100% mechanised.

  • Highly automised production facility for ripple/embossed cups with hands free operation

  • Mastered the technology to get ripple cups cheaper than the Chinese

  • In-house tooling facility for embossed cups moulds

  • Supplying cups to some of the biggest brands across the world.

    It includes Gasprom Lukoil, Costa coffee, Costco, football clubs like Borussia Dortmunt and a lot of wholesale dealers

  • Sole supplier to some the biggest coffee/tea chains in India

    Clients include Cafe Coffee Day, Chai Point, Chaayos and many airlineslike Indigo, Air-vistara, Trujet, Jet airways, etc.









Frequently Asked Questions

What is a compostable paper cup?
A compostable paper cup is a paper cup that gets composted in right conditions. The molecules break down, when right conditions like adequate moisture is provided.

What is a Biodegradable paper cup?
Biodegradable cup is a paper cup that gets disintegrated by microbes, fungi, bacteria earthworms etc... . It breaks down in landfills / home compost and places, whereever you find these microorganisms and other subterranean life forms like earthworms

What is a recyclable paper cup? Aren’t all paper cups recyclable?
All ordinary paper cups have a plastic lining. A plastic film is laminated to the paper. Since paper and plastic film are non-homogeneous materials it cannot be recycled together, the plastic film has to be separated from the laminated paper in-order to recycle it. That is practically a very difficult process, hence ordinary paper cups are termed as non-recyclable. Bio cups doesn't contain any type of films and hence are easily recyclable

Are Leetha Bio Cups Recyclable?

Are Leetha Bio cups compostable?

Are Leetha bio cups bio degradable?

Does Leetha have any certificates to prove that Leetha Bio cups are compostable and Biodegradable?
ASTM 6400 & ISO 17088 (For Anaerobic biodegradability Cert Number: MUM/003382B/2018
ASTM D 5511. (For Aerobic biodegradability Cert Number: MUM/003382/2018 From INTERTEK
NABL certified LAB (National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories)
ISO 17088: CIPET No : BR /678 DT 8.11.2019 (central Institute for plastic Technology) for anaerobic biodegradability Cert Number

Do you have some visual proof on how biodegradability of a Leetha bio cup materializes during the course of time?
Please visit the YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2N9jwjDQ24&feature=youtu.be

How can I check if the cup that I am holding is indeed a Bio Cup?
You could check the Authenticity of the Bio cup by performing 3 simple tests
1. Fume Test
2. Acid Test
3. Water Test
Or you could do a practical biodegradability test

Fume Test

Just light up the cup and smell the fumes, if you get a woody smell or the smell of a burning paper you have bio cup with you. Or if you get that plastic burning smell you have LDPE lined cup.

Acid Test

Cut a piece of the cup and immerse it in a 30% HCL or NAOH (sodium hydroxide ) or sulfuric acid, stir it gently for 10 Minutes, plastic film would separate from the cellulose.
Please check the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRy5PEmUfaE&feature=youtu.be

Water Test

Just immerse the cup for 72 hours and carefully try to pull of the film from the laminate, if you don’t find the plastic laminate then you have a bio cup.
Please check the link: https://youtu.be/rxQuEljENgw

Practical test

Put your cup in a heavy compost, make sure you have enough earthworms and microbes in it wait for 60-90 days , if your cup has disintegrated completely then you have bio cup As per norms if,. 90% of the cup is eaten up microbes in 180 days then the product is termed as compostable. Check the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2N9jwjDQ24&feature=youtu.be

FOR MORE FAQ on Bio Cups please check the link: http://leetha.com/#biocups_faqs